Evolve IP Channel Webinar

The Future of Teams- Microsoft (Part 1)

Tuesday, July 16
2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

As we've all heard, Microsoft Teams is the primary collaboration engine that combines persistent chat, video, file storage, conferencing, and application integration via their Office 365 productivity suite. Teams is now the fastest growing application in the history of Microsoft and as companies continue to migrate to Office 365, that number will only increase. As the driving force behind Microsoft's Workstream Collaboration strategy, there is opportunity for all of us as well as a number of landmines we need to avoid. 

The good news is that Microsoft has no interest in doing the hard work of supporting customers, implementing solutions, providing access to PSTN, and porting telephone numbers. As such, they have created a Direct Routing offering so that providers like Evolve IP can integrate their Enterprise Telephony solution into the Teams engine. Direct Routing also enables SBC and PSTN providers to sell Microsoft's PBX, which is the landmine mentioned above. While there are a number of companies out there talking about Teams integration, most are merely providing PSTN access to Microsoft's PBX, which lacks the Enterprise Telephony features that define our customers. 

During this session, Mike Hamilton, Vice President of Product Development, will take you through Microsoft's strategy by defining:

  1. The capabilities of Microsoft's Direct Routing

  2. Microsoft's PBX offering vs. Evolve IP's Enterprise Telephony

  3. What you need to know when talking to Customer's

This is information you need to know, so don't miss this session!

Expert Presenter:

Presenter Image

Mike Hamilton
Vice President, Product Development
Evolve IP

Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Development, Michael works on the development or redevelopment of all UC applications, both hardware and software. He also supports sales and partners with unique applications to acquire new customers or meet the needs of existing customers.  Michael also handles internal enterprise project management and is responsible for operational integration after the successful completions of mergers and acquisitions.


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